Threefold Chaplaincy Volunteer Training

Are you interested in serving your community’s spiritual needs but not sure how to go about it? Threefold Chaplaincy Volunteer Training will prepare you to bring true fellowship to confined care citizens. You’ll learn which scriptures bring comfort and hope, how to listen to those who need to be heard, and how to recognize their needs. You’ll be shown the basics of CPR and First Aid. You’ll gain insight to minister effectively and to clearly communicate the love of Christ.

Welcome to the Kingdom: A Discipleship Program

“So now I’m born again. What happened? Where am I? Now what do I do?” Welcome to the Kingdom starts with the answers to the basic questions and methodically builds to create a solid foundation upon which to build an intimate and powerful relationship with the Lord. It’s great for “newbies” because it lays a platform of Biblical truth; it’s great for people who want to go deeper with the Lord and truly walk in the Spirit; and it’s great for mature leaders because it provides a demonstration on how to lead others in their kingdom walk.

Sheepshed or Bootcamp: Where Do You Pray?

God is gathering His warriors – those who are coming out of the barns and placing themselves into boot camps to get strong, to get equipped, to get ready for battle! God is calling His church to pray that His kingdom come and His will be done. But it will take concentrated, effective prayer. So how do you pray? “Lord gimme, gimme, gimme” or “Lord, send me to the front lines! I’m prepared and able to do Your bidding!”

Power in the Workplace: Marketplace Integrity

Victory is yours if you go to work every day and deal with workplace pressures; whether you’re an employee or a boss, it’s good information that concentrates on what it takes to maintain your convictions in a world driven by compromise!

Volunteers & Employees: A Path to Cooperation

Every organization needs structure in order to get things done. If you’re the boss, you’re the decision-maker – whether your organization is a for-profit business, a nonprofit organization, a church or a service organization. You expect your paid staff to do their jobs right but it’s just as important to get volunteers to do their jobs right, too. And it’s often not easy to get both groups to work together for the good of the organization.  If you’re the leader you’ll appreciate how this seminar addresses issues you deal with every day and resolves them.

How to Run A Profitable Nonprofit

Part 1 answers the questions about how to establish and successfully operate a nonprofit business; Part 2 is all about taking your nonprofit to the next financial level. Remember – God gave you a mission and expects you to do it right!