Threefold Chaplaincy for Business


Threefold Chaplaincy for Business

How Can You Help Someone Who’s Hurting?


What is a Chaplain?

A Chaplain is a person who has answered God’s call to serve the people in their community. A Chaplain then pursues appropriate training to effectively serve in a capacity that is meaningful: either by reaching out to the sick, serving the members of a church, working as a spiritual contact for a business or ministry, or working with communities after a crisis.

How can a Chaplain Help a Business?

A Chaplain can – and should – be available to the community. Threefold Chaplaincy can have far-reaching impact on a business by providing spiritual encouragement and comfort to employees.

People spend the majority of their time in the marketplace, but business owners, corporate managers, and other marketplace leaders have virtually no training in how to deal with employees in crisis brought on by circumstances such as divorce, illness, addiction or grief.

Threefold Chaplaincy provides the following services to the marketplace:

  • Regular visits to the workplace
  • Spiritual guidance in specific situations;
  • Regular discipleship training;
  • Bible studies;
  • Ministry during emergencies;
  • Resources for specialized assistance; and
  • Chaplaincy training for interested employees.
  • Our Chaplains are trained, qualified and ordained and have passed a criminal background check.

Today, fewer organizations demand excellence from their employees because society in general has drifted away from the anchoring tenets of an active faith in God. Many younger people enter the workplace with no work ethic and no strong moral compass.

But who teaches about integrity, work ethic, and morality? Churches preach salvation and marketplaces teach whatever it takes to increase their bottom line. But what about the people who don’t go to church, who have never truly heard of God’s love? What about “Christians” who wrongly believe that it’s illegal to mention the “J word” at work? That’s where a Chaplain can step in with profound impact.


Won’t You Consider Using Threefold Chaplaincy?

What better way to let your employees know you truly care about them than to provide them with someone to talk to? Someone they can confide in? Someone they can trust? Someone who will lead them in the right direction? Someone who’s a Chaplain…