Threefold Chaplaincy

Threefold Chaplaincy


What is a Threefold Chaplaincy Volunteer?

A Threefold Chaplaincy Volunteer is sent by a local church, a benevolent/non-profit organization, a hospital or healthcare agency, or a business or ministry into the community. Their primary function is one of “the ministry of presence” – just being available to help, to listen, and knowing where to find resources.

Threefold Chaplaincy Volunteer Training program is an intensive two-part program that creates a strong foundation upon which to build a ministry of service to our communities. The program provides training along with a workbook, community resource guide, and certificate of completion.


Who needs the Threefold Chaplaincy Volunteer Training Program?

  • Churches that want to reach further into their communities and better serve their congregants;
  • Executive Directors of non-profits who work with volunteers who need to be trained;
  • Hospitals that depend on volunteers to augment their Chaplains;
  • Healthcare staffing agencies that deal daily with individuals who need spiritual encouragement;
  • Businesses that recognize the need to provide spiritual and emotional support to employees in crisis; and
  • Individuals who desire to really help the organizations they serve.

Let Us Train Your Volunteers

Churches, home staffing agencies and other community outreach organizations provide a variety of help but typically do not have training programs that focus on bringing spiritual comfort to individuals. Threefold Chaplaincy Volunteer Training meets this need by offering training to their volunteers so they can be assured that the people they send into the community are prepared to minister compassionately and effectively. A visit from a trained Threefold Chaplaincy Volunteer can make a significant difference in the life of a person going through a difficult situation.

Power in the Workplace Ministries offers this FREE two-part seminar to volunteers who work with community organizations, churches, and healthcare agencies that are involved in providing visitation to their communities.