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Dr. Carol Drake Wheatley

of Power in the Workplace Ministries, Inc.

is a community-centric training 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was founded by Dr. Carol Drake Wheatley in 1994. Carol is an experienced leader, communicator, disciple-maker and author.


Our Purpose:

To lead the Church to an understanding of the Christ that is not based on misinterpretations of ancient writings or religious bias. To reveal to the Church the Christ as He is truly portrayed in the Bible: the Christ who is accessible to anyone without the constraints of religion. To encourage the Church to change and embrace the truth about who the Spirit of Life really is.



from Author Dr. Carol Drake Wheatley Carol’s books are available on at the following links:


God Isn’t Who You Think He Is Seeing God from His Own Perspective


The Lovable Antichrist Have you ever wondered how the very elect of God will be deceived? Well, they already are!


Twisted Roots Twisted Lives How the Delusion of Demonic Power Defeats Us


Mystical Discipleship Revealing the Mystical Christ (Coming early 2024)

Whispers of Inspiration A scriptural pathway to meditation (Coming late 2023)

Other books recommended by Dr. Carol Drake Wheatley:

Confessions of a Prayer Line Worker – Dr. Charles Treme’

God Wants You Well – Andrew Wommack

The Code of the Extraordinary Mind – Vishen Lakhiani


DrCDW-The Group

Dr. Wheatley is a vibrant and transformative speaker. She takes a practical approach to the supernatural. You will receive tools that can immediately shift your life.

Topical Conferences based on Carol’s books.

Women’s Conference – Special Keynote Speaker

Hidden Wisdom Unplugged – The younger woman can learn from the older.

Mystical Discipleship – For serious spiritual disciples



These intensive seminars will help you establish an intimate relatonship with the Resurrected Christ. Learn to be who God called you to be!


God Isn’t Who You Think He is –  Workshop

Threefold Chaplaincy Volunteer Training

Welcome to the Kingdom – You’re born again! Now what?

Power in the Workplace – Workplace integrity

Mystical Discipleship – Mini Workship

Creating Nonprofit Success – Starting and building a nonprofit business.

Live Groups

Join Carol for impactful teachings and lively discussions. Engage in a wide range of topics in an atmosphere of sharing and revelation.


Elder Women

WOWLife Coach Group



“Being the Older Woman”


Experience Carol’s down-to-earth approach to teaching. Discover the deeper things of the spirit as revealed in the Bible.

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About Us

Power in the Workplace is a community-centric training organization founded in 1994 by Dr. Carol Drake Wheatley. It is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit corporation registered in the State of Florida. PITWM offers educational opportunities for spiritual understanding, personal growth, workplace innovation and organization development. We believe in a holistic approach of spirit, mind and body through the practical application of myriad teachings that lay the foundation for a successful life. We focus on imparting  mystical truths of the Lord Jesus Christ through training seminars based on integrity and ethics in daily life, work and community. Dr. Carol Drake Wheatley is an Ordained Minister and Crisis Response Chaplain. She is certified by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation in both Individual and Group Crisis Intervention. She graduated from Manda University with a PhD in Corporate Leadership and from Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary with a Doctor of Religious Education. She is the Senior Chaplain at Power in the Workplace Ministries Inc. Dr. Wheatley is a retired Organization Development and Federal Grant Consultant with over 40 years’ grant and proposal writing experience, with millions of dollars in awards from multiple Federal agencies as well as state and local initiatives. Carol specialized in the development of workplace training programs with focus on government compliance regulations. She is now in full-time ministry serving as a globally-respected teacher, disciple-maker and transformative writer and speaker.