These intensive seminars will help you establish an intimate relationship with the Resurrected Christ.

Learn to be who God called you to be!


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God Isn’t Who You Think He is – Workshop

Threefold Chaplaincy Volunteer Training

Welcome to the Kingdom – You’re born again! Now what?

Power in the Workplace – Workplace integrity

Mystical Discipleship – Mini Workshop

Creating Nonprofit Success – Starting and building a nonprofit business.

Live Groups

Join Carol for impactful teachings and lively discussions.

Engage in a wide range of topics in an atmosphere of sharing and revelation.


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Elder Women

WOWLife Coach Group


Experience Carol’s down-to-earth approach to teaching.

Discover the deeper things of the spirit as revealed in the Bible.



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You can find Dr. Wheatley’s podcasts here.


Dr. Wheatley is a vibrant and transformative speaker. She takes a practical approach to the supernatural.

You will receive tools that can immediately shift your life.

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Topical Conferences based on Carol’s books.

Women’s Conference – Special Keynote Speaker.

Hidden Wisdom Unplugged – The younger woman can learn from the older.

Mystical Discipleship – For Serious Spiritual Disciples.