About Us

Power in the Workplace is a community-centric training organization founded in 1994 by Dr. Carol Drake Wheatley. It is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit corporation registered in the State of Florida.
PITWM offers educational opportunities for spiritual understanding, personal growth, workplace innovation and organization development. We believe in a holistic approach of spirit, mind and body through the practical application of myriad teachings that lay the foundation for a successful life. We focus on imparting  mystical truths of the Lord Jesus Christ through training seminars based on integrity and ethics in daily life, work and community.
Dr. Carol Drake Wheatley is an Ordained Minister and Crisis Response Chaplain. She is certified by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation in both Individual and Group Crisis Intervention. She graduated from Manda University with a PhD in Corporate Leadership and from Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary with a Doctor of Religious Education. She is the Senior Chaplain at Power in the Workplace Ministries Inc., a community-centric training organization.
Dr. Wheatley is a retired Organization Development and Federal Grant Consultant with over 40 years’ grant and proposal writing experience, with millions of dollars in awards from multiple Federal agencies as well as state and local initiatives. Carol specialized in the development of workplace training programs with focus on government compliance regulations.
She is now in full-time ministry serving as a globally-respected teacher, disciple-maker and transformative writer and speaker.
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